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New gills supports fish farms on all kind of aquaculture biology related subjects varying from sex determination of sturgeon, up to system adaptation of your farm.  


New gills is specialised in reciculation aquaculture and niche market aquaculture. We can support farms in Europe in all kind of biological related subjects, system adaptation and staff support.


Fish farms can often use ' a fresh pair of eyes' to look throw their business. Sometimes a different approach and view can help to improve the overall performance of your fish and the whole production. New Gills aims at supporting farms in getting to their maximum potential 

  • Recirculation Aquaculture Systems (RAS) support

  • Eel farming

  • Flatfish farming

  • Sturgeon farming

  • Sex determination sturgeon

  • Water quality measurements

  • system fine tuning

  • Fish density optimization​

  • Other

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