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New Gills is owned and lead by Jelle Busscher and has an extensive practical experience in fish farming. He finished the  master in Aquaculture at the Wageningen University, specialized in RAS combined with denitrifcation. After his master he moved to Norway to work as a biological engineer on a halibut farm. After almost two years in Norway he decided to go back  the Netherlands and continued his career on a large caviar farm which he became the leading biologist. In this position he earned a lot of knowledge about sturgeon farming and caviar production. After this experience he started working on an eel farm and another sturgeon farm extending its allround knowledge in fish farming.  Thanks to several request for supporting fish farms within Europe he decided to start his own company; New Gills was born.

With New gills new experience with other fish species as pikeperch trout and arctic charr increased it's all round farming experience. In 2019 the construction of Streekvis, a RAS arctic charr farm, expended New Gills one step further. 

I can be stated that New Gills is one of the most experienced hands-on aquaculture specialist in the Netherlands.


  • Bsc in Biology

  • Msc in Aquaculture 

  • specialized in RAS and niche market aquaculture

  • practical work experience with several fish species (sturgeon, flatfish, eel, pikeperch, trout, arctic charr)

  • Secretary Dutch board for Aquaculture (NGvA)

  • Current editorial committee representative dutch aquaculture magazine 'Aquacultuur'

  • Current activity committee representative Dutch board of Aquaculture (NGvA)

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