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Recirculation aquaculture

With a specialisation in his master in RAS equipped with denitrification and extensive practical experience with RAS, New Gills can support farms in adapting their existing system towards a closed or semi-closed system. although New Gills does not construct aquaculture systems, we work together with several different systems builders. In this way we can work independently and work in favor of the costumer.

Niche market aquaculture

There are several fish species that are are produced at a relative low quantity. Therefore there is often not much research on these kind of species due to their limited production scale, despite their high market value. Examples of these species are Atlantic halibut, turbot, sturgeon, European eel and pikeperch. Also common farmed species, such as Atlantic salmon, which are recently cultured in RAS can be considered a new niche market due to its specific characteristics.

however, often are niche market species faced by the same challenges and therefore it is possible to solve these challenges with gained experience on other niche market species. New gills has experience with Atlantic halibut, European eel, sturgeon and salmonids and can support other niche market species in optimizing their production. 

Caviar/sturgeon farming

Sturgeon farming is very specific and labour intensive aquaculture business. Fish need to be hand sorted and sex determination for caviar production or reproduction is needed. Sex determination on sturgeon can be with an non-invasive method using a ultrasound. New Gills has the knowledge and equipment to support sturgeon farms with non-invasive sex determination. We can also support with sorting and other sturgeon related subjects.  

Fish density optimisation

Optimal fish densities are very important in fish farms. However, optimizing the fish density for the whole production cycle can be quite challenging. New Gills can make species specific models of the density for the production cycle. These models are especially well-suited for bottom-dwelling species such as flatfish species, eel or sturgeon.

Other biological related subjects

We can also support fish farms with feeding experiments, water quality measurements and problem solving. it can be very helpful to have a 'pair of fresh eyes' to take a look in your farm to fine-tune the production without any major adaptations. 

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